Recycling Textile – From nature to market to up-cycling


Recycling textile product has been a challenge to the industry especially when we talk about making something out of Denim. Still very complicated or even impossible to transform old denim into new. The product quality it’s not the best, the process is very expensive and it is still a business consequently money is important. 

Here we will tell you why, how, what we are are planing to do to then change this and create a better world with recycled textile.

What nature gives us

We can’t forget were all these begun. So, the first step is the harvest of raw material in its natural and pure state, the cotton. All starts with cotton and we have to known that. 

The transformation

The brands that you love will take this raw material and transform this into something that you can wear. They will give it color, shape, and put it out on stores shelves for you to decide what is your style.

The end as it is or the beginning

Everything that starts as to end, this will happen to your cloths as well. But there are good news, they can be donors. We will take care of them and give them na endless new life, not as they are but as part of something new. If you love your denim, we love you for that and we need your help.

The fun begins 

Now that you sent your cloths to us you can track them and find out what they will become. We will take them to our playground they will spin, jump and other fun things until they are almost as little as when they were born as a cotton flower. We will turn your clothes in recycling textile.

Reincarnation – Three new lives 

Now that we have raw material we can do something better with it. Let’s up-cycle it. We will have three different ways of doing it. 

Life to keep you warm

We can leave it as it is and create something to keep your house warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. With just the right amount of pressure we will make rolls and rolls of an isolating material to replace the ones used today. We hope to get a good acoustic and thermal performance with this solution.

Life to step in

We can make small wires and join them in a square shape that you can use on your floor, or on your wall. We want that you can have a better life and yes we are talking about carpets. But a whole new kind of carpet. 

Life that couldn’t get harder, in a good way

Last but not least, they can become almost whatever they want but they have to bring a friend. We can make soft board to be molded with 3D shapes, like drawer organizers, sound absorbers screens for office, decoration for your wall or even a part for your car. We also can make a solid board out of it using different types of compression. To do all this we have to add plastic to it, but don’t worry because we only will be using recycled plastic. 

This time it’s not the end

Do you know what’s the fun of all this, is that you can do this over and over and over again creating new material from another one, transform our isolating product into carpet, carpe tinto soft boards to mold, and those soft boards ? Yes into solid boards, nothing is perfect so you have to transform solid boards into soft or solid boards again. But in the end of it with your help we closed the cycle. 

We are working to give you a better future, to give at least the option to choose what you want to do to make a better and cleaner world. We count on you. Don’t give up one those pairs of jeans, they never gave up on you. 

Trust us with your clothes, your pairs of pants. We give you life. We do recycling textile.

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